Friday, February 22, 2013


On October 28th at midnight, I got a call from my sister Lori. She was very calm and said, "My water broke." I thought she was joking she was so calm! I hopped out of bed, threw on some clothes, packed a little bag and off I went. Jeff was working in North Dakota and I was honored to be able to take her. After a long 18 hours Kobin Shayne was born! Jeff made it seriously 5 minutes before he was born. It was like a movie with the nurses cheering when he arrived. It was such a cool experience! I am so glad I was able to experience a birth besides my own kids. It was so different for me to experience this birth compared to Quin's. With Quin I almost felt numb because it was all so new. I had no idea what to expect and with the epideral I felt like I wasn't doing anything and I was just getting really frusturated. With Kobin's I was so emotional. The miracle of life is amazing! Thank you for letting me be a part of Kobin's birth Lori! I will gladly be your midwife any day! Halloween!

Friday, February 1, 2013


I feel like something has come between us...
I can't believe it's been 3 years, and now we have this sweet little girl! We celebrated with a little get away with just the two of us. Grammy Cindy was so kind to watch Quin for a night and I think Quin had a party! One of the benefits of getting married in October is it's the off season for a lot of things including Jackson. On Saturday we drove to Yellowstone and saw good Old Faithful. We had just missed the fall leaves but the week before we had hiked Table Rock just as all the leaves were changing. I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful area! My goal is to go to Yellowstone more often...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quinley's 1st Birthday!

9.25.12 Has a year gone by already?! This little princess celebrated with her own giant cupcake which she only licked the frosting off, presents galore, and a new big girl car seat! Quinley shares a Birthday with one of her favorite Aunts, Lori! She was still not walking but she had perfected her "cheese" smile Grandpa Shayne taught her. May many more happy years come your way Quinley Pearl!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 we went to FAO Schwartz and shopping on 5th Ave. I was so excited to play the big piano!
The whole inspirations or excuse for this trip was ISU's volleyball tournament in Queens. We were able to catch some games. ISU did so good this year taking 2nd in their conference.
We went to the Mets and Braves game. This was so fun! We have tickets for the nose bleeds but were able to sneak down right along third base line. Ricky was in heaven.
Day 5 we went to the MoMA.
We went to the Manhattan Temple. I wish we would have had time to go inside... I felt such a peace seeing this temple in the middle of the city. As you can tell by the lack of my pictures at the end, I was tired! We had been going nonstop for 5 days. We would leave the hotel early and be gone all day walking and riding the sweaty subway and not return until late. I was starting to feel like I needed a vacation from my vacation. Maybe somewhere quiet like Idaho... We also went to China Town and Little Italy. I has some AMAZING pizza in little Italy. We left later that night and I was so excited to see this little girl! I don't even know if she missed me, but I missed her! I may have shed a few tears. Thank you family for taking such good care of her!

NYC Day 3

We took a water taxi around Manhattan. It passed by Ol Lady Liberty!
I love my cute inlaws! We went to an Air and Space Museum on this old air craft carrier. They had a submarine you could go into and tour which was pretty cool and lots of planes and space stuff all the guys liked.
We went to the 9/11 memorial which I had never been too because it wasn't built the first time I went to New York. I thought it was really cool and impressive to see the new freedom towers being built.
Top of the Rock! This was fun, I hadn't done this before either. The lines are a lot shorter than Empire State and the view is still spectacular!
We finished the night with Wicked! I loved it!

NYC Day 1&2

The first week of September we took a trip to New York! I had been dreading leaving my baby, but she was left in good hands. My sister Lori was the head babysitter and Quinley was passed around from Kali to Heidi to my mom with Lori supervising in between. There is NO way I could have left Quinley if it wasn't for family. I am so glad I left her because this would have not been a fun trip for a baby. Here are some highlights. Ricky got us tickets to the Late Show with David Letterman!
Time Square in the rain.
We stayed in New Jersey and got pretty good about riding trains and subways. Well not me but I am good at following others!
Museum of Natural History (you know the one where Ross works)
Bike ride through Central Park. Probably my most favorite part of trip!
Empire State building. We ate pizza this night that was amazing! We also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at night but I don't have any good pictures of it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Summer, Summer, Summer...

Drew George Rammell was born July 16th. I just love wrinkly baby feet!
I love Drew's name! So special to be named after his Dad and Grandpa. Maybe one day I will be as patient as Kali and Andy, and wait to find out the sex of my baby. It was so fun to be surprised!
We went to Heise Hot Springs with the Spains! Quin had fun in her cool floaty.
More of the Lake! Quin was able to hang out on the huge new deck!
Tanner's 1st Birthday at the lake with all his cousins!
Ricky went on a motorcycle ride with his Dad, Brad, and about 15 other guys to Red Lodge Montana.
This little girl just keeps getting cuter! It is so fun to see her personality develop. She finally learned to crawl around the end of July. She loves to walk around with her little walker, clap her hands, be upside down or thrown around. Ricky calls her our adrenaline junkie. I think she is going to be lots of fun!

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